Weight Loss with Dr. Young

Our Dr. supervised program changes lives!

Dr. Young addresses multiple aspects of his patients’ health which resets their metabolism and helps them to lose significant weight in a small amount of time and keep it off.

Women tend to average between 20 and 30 pounds of weight loss in a 30 day period and men between 30 and 40 pounds.

No exercise is required and there are no prescription drugs or pre-packaged meals.

The program may be done locally to our office in Olean, NY but can also be done from a long distance and consults may be done over the phone or email.

The cost of the program varies based on an individual’s health but the cost is significantly less than other weight loss programs.

Hundreds of people have used this Dr. supervised weight loss program to not only lose weight but to gain energy, increase muscle mass, and dramatically improve their health!

Ready to Learn More?

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ABOUT Dr. Young  –  ph: (716) 372-1236  –  Olean, NY

Dr. Andrew Young has been serving his community and providing the best in all natural health care for over 10 years. As a chiropractor, Dr. Young has used numerous approaches including chiropractic adjustments, nutrition, and Lifestyle counseling to achieve the best results for his patients.  After years of practice, Dr. Young decided to make it a priority to help his patients lose weight in an effort to improve their health, decrease pain, and get them off of many of the dangerous prescription drugs that they were taking to treat their problems. Due to the fact that many of Dr. Young’s patients were often already in significant pain and overmedicated, Dr. Young found it necessary to find a way to help people lose weight without exercise or dangerous medications.  Dr. Young’s weight-loss program achieves significant results quickly not only helping people lose weight naturally but dramatically improving their health, energy, and decreasing their pain levels!